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Thrift Store

MoM's Thrift & Referral Center has a variety of items for sale at affordable prices. All items are donated by those in the community and you can help! We are always looking for donations so check out the list below and be a helping hand for Siouxland. 

The following items are always needed:


-Clothing for all ages and sizes

-Shoes and winter boots


-Linens: towels, bedding, rugs

-Toys & games


-Small appliances

-Household furniture

-Kitchen items & dishes

-Lawn furniture


-Sporting goods & shoes




Pick up is availiable.


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Referral Program

Our referral program at MoM's Thrift is designed to help those who are struggling financially and are in desperate need of help in the Siouxland area. MoM's Thrift & Referral Center will help by providing individuals moving from homelessness to permanent housing, furniture and household items at no cost when referred to us by social service providers, or clergy.

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Fair Trade

Here at MoM's Thrift we sell fair trade items from worldwide organizations designed to assist artisans and farmers with fair prices for their hand crafted goods and farm products. At the front of the store, located at 2803 Correctionville Road, you will find a section of the store dedicated to selling these fair trade items as shown in the picture above. These items are sold at afforadable prices that match the rest of the prices in our store.

​To inquire about any of our services

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